Striving to be the best school in mid-Michigan

As students and families settle in for the new semester, officials at Beaverton Schools are cautioning drivers to slow down and pay heed to campus traffic directives.

“Traffic during arrival and dismissal can be hectic,” said Superintendent Joe Passalacqua. “You’ve got cars and buses and pedestrians all moving about. You’ve got some less-experienced drivers in that mix. We need everyone - students and adults - to take their time, follow our traffic directions and be patient and courteous.”

The district is distributing a map that illustrates the proper traffic flow for student drop-off and pick-up, bus routes and appropriate driving areas for visitors. Passalacqua also cautioned drivers to follow the directions or risk running afoul of the two Beaverton Police Dept. employees who serve as School Resource Officers on campus.

“We preach safety on our campus, and we just want drivers and pedestrians to exercise every possible caution, especially in these darker winter months when visibility isn’t as good,” Passalacqua said. “Let’s work together and take care of each other.”  

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