Striving to be the best school in mid-Michigan


JAN. 13, 2023

Being a good school board member is kind of like being a good umpire. If you’re doing your job well, people almost forget you’re there - and how essential you are.

The staff and students at Beaverton Schools are taking time in January to make sure everybody knows about these vital community leaders during School Board Recognition Month.

“They donate hours and hours of personal time, attending meetings and school functions or researching and preparing to be properly informed to make the decisions that best serve all our students,” Superintendent Joe Passalacqua said. “I hope our community realizes how vital it is to have a strong board whose members work so well together toward the common goal of making Beaverton the best school district in mid-Michigan. Not every district has what we have, and we’re grateful for everything they do.”

Beaverton School Board members are President Adam Zdrojewski; Vice-President Jason Pahl; Treasurer Tammy Grove; Secretary Mark Hayes; and Trustees ShaVonne Brubaker, Mike Dodman and Ryan Longstreth.

The past year offered challenges both old and new as the district continued its recovery from the effects of the pandemic while the campus underwent striking improvements in the classroom and beyond, thanks to the bond approved by voters in 2021. The board also oversaw a new-and-improved process for staff evaluations and the review and revision of all board policies, a time- and effort-consuming task.

“It was a huge year that called for more dedication and work from every sector of the district, and the board met every challenge head on,” Passalacqua said. “Any one of those initiatives would be plenty for most boards, but our members gave even more than usual in 2022. That impact will be felt by our kids and our community for years to come, and we’re so appreciative.”  

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