I first want to thank everyone for making it through this difficult year and we are looking forward to next year.  One exciting new thing that will be happening next year is every Jr/Sr High student will have a chromebook assigned to them.  They will be able to take the chromebook home each night to complete homework and return with it the next day.  We will be doing lots of training with the students in the fall about the expectations.  

In order to prepare for this, we are sending home a student device user agreement for your viewing.  At this time, this does not need to be returned to the school.  It is only for your information.  In the fall, every student will need to have this agreement signed and on file at the school.  

Finally, since every student will have a device assigned to them, we will be instituting a new classroom cell phone policy.  In short, cell phones will not be allowed out or used in class.  Again, we will be working with students on these new expectations in the fall.  

Thank you and have a great rest of your evening. 

Click Here For Device User Agreement