Bond Informational Presentation

Good evening Beaverton

Beaverton Schools is considering a bond proposal to enhance student safety, security and educational opportunities while assuring that the classroom learning environment is up-to-date and that our school facilities are in good condition.  The bond proposal is designed to positively impact all of our students and all of our schools.

The bond proposal projects fall into three general areas:

  1. Improving student safety and school security

  2. Upgrading instructional technology and technology infrastructure

  3. Upgrading building infrastructure to improve energy efficiency and reduce operating costs

This bond proposal will be structured with multiple series to allow for future sustainability of instructional technology equipment.

If you have questions or need more information, please contact me at 989.246.3000 or email .

Video presentation can be found here.   

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Thank you.

Joseph Passalacqua

Superintendent of Schools