Mr. Adam Zdrojewski


Adam Zdrojewski has been a resident of Beaverton nearly all his life. He and his wife Jane have three children: Jessica, Jeremy, and Benjamin. Zdrojewski graduated from Beaverton High School in 2000 and later graduated from Michigan State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Construction Management. After moving back to Mid-Michigan for a job offer, he now works for Dow as a Project Manager. Zdrojewski tries to support everything in our community and also serves as a member of the Knights of Columbus. While in high school, he was a member of Student Government, a member of National Honors Society, received the Good Citizen award from the Daughters of the American Revolution, was involved in D.A.R.E., and played varsity baseball. The most rewarding aspect of serving on the Board of Education for Zdrojewski is seeing the students do well in their academic pursuits. "Excellence in everything we do" is his vision for Beaverton Rural Schools. In Zdrojewski's eyes, "Education is the foundation upon which all of us are based."


Mr. Daren Burns

Vice President

Daren Burns has been involved in the Beaverton community since he attended school here. He was the second generation of Burns family to graduate from Beaverton High School. After graduating, Burns furthered his education by studying at Mid-Michigan Community College, then joining the work force. He and his wife Tracy have three children who have attended or are currently attending Beaverton schools. Burns is a children's pastor in Albright Shores, a local football announcer, and a forensics judge. He was the captain of the forensics team when he was in high school and loved what it did for those students involved in it. Burns chose to become Board Vice President because he wanted to get further involved in the community and saw serving on the Board of Education as a worthwhile way to contribute.


Mrs. Tammy Grove


Tammy Grove serves as the Treasurer on the Beaverton Board of Education. She moved to Beaverton from Linwood when she married her husband Kurt in 1995. Together they have two children, Drew and Alexis. Grove graduated from Pinconning High School and attended Delta College where she obtained her Paralegal Management Associates Degree. She then went on to earn her Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration at Northwood University while working as a Paralegal at Dow Corning Corporation. Outside of her school board position, she serves on the Board of Beaverton Youth Recreational Program (BYRP) as Treasurer. She enjoys spending time with her family, playing softball, walking, and biking. Grove became a school board member in order to become more involved with the school and believes that an important purpose of her role on the Board is “to provide a good education for kids in a safe environment.” Grove stated, “Education is a key component to having a successful life and being able to achieve greatness.” With high hopes for our school system, she wishes to see our district’s current trajectory toward positive change continue.


Mr. Garry Clark


Garry Clark currently serves as a Trustee of the Beaverton Board of Education. He has lived in Beaverton for 33 years; although, he graduated from Bullock Creek Schools before moving on to a career at Everett Carpet Company, which he retired from in 2013. Clark is a proud member of the Beaverton Lions Club of which he was Treasurer for nine years, serving as Vice President of the organization for the past two years. Each spring, he is involved with Beaverton Community Day where he helps plant and water flowers around the city early in the morning. Hunting, fishing, golfing, and bowling are just a few of the hobbies he enjoys. During his childhood, Clark was involved with 4-H where he won several awards in woodworking. Looking ahead, he has a vision to see our district flourish because he views our schools as the hope of coming generations. "Education is everything,” Clark commented. “It's the future of our country.” Clark’s favorite facet of Board membership is witnessing Beaverton Junior/Senior High School seniors transition into the world of adulthood at the annual Commencement Ceremony. “Being able to shake hands with graduating kids is the most rewarding aspect of being a Board member,” he said.


Mr. Bob Frei


Bob Frei is a community booster who moved to Beaverton in 1979 and Beaverton and its schools have become dear to his heart. Both of his children are graduates of BJSHS and both have since earned Master's Degrees from major universities. He has two grandsons living in Minnesota. Bob has been active in seeking out the history of the community and is proud of the long heritage of distinguished and successful graduates of Beaverton Schools.

His objectives in serving on the Board are to:

  1. Ensure the continued legacy of high achievement that has historically been a hallmark of this community.

  2. Defend the principle of local control of schools against the encroachments of the state and federal governments.

  3. Protect the arts, music and trades as integral and important parts of the overall educational experience.

  4. Maintain Beaverton Schools as a focus of community spirit and pride.


Mrs. ShaVonne Brubaker


Mrs. ShaVonne Brubaker currently serves as a Trustee of the Beaverton Board of Education.


Mr. Mark Hayes


Mark Hayes currently serves as a Trustee of the Beaverton Board of Education.