Beaverton Elementary School staff shares the philosophy outlined in the District Parent Involvement Policy and believe that the success of all students is most effectively achieved by a partnership between the school and home. Consequently, Beaverton Elementary School staff recognizes the importance of involving parents in a collaborative, coordinated, and integrated manner in all aspects of their child’s education*.Staff and parents will work together for the common goal of student achievement. Staff will be educated on ways to involve parents in the educational process and parents will be provided educational opportunities to assist them in engaging in the educational process as partners.

Beaverton Elementary School staff will offer all parents the opportunity to attend parent involvement activities throughout the school year. Activities will be based around academic areas and needs, and take into consideration ideas, suggestions and feedback from parents to be used in the planning, review, evaluation, and improvement of parent involvement offerings. Information and/or training will be provided to parents to help them support their child’s learning outside of school. Efforts will be made to accommodate the schedule of parents and to respectfully recognize differences due to culture, language, socio-economic status or religion. Staff will communicate information in a timely manner about parent involvement activities, educational expectations/proficiency levels, assessments, student progress, curriculum, and other school information in a language and manner understandable to most parents.

Parents will also be invited to be a part of the School Improvement Team in order to be part of the decision-making process at the school regarding school improvement planning, implementation and evaluation. Additionally, parents may also participate in PTO, the Annual Title I Parent Meeting, other groups, and to participate as volunteers in school functions and events, when possible.

In order to emphasize the cooperative role of home and school, a Home-School Compact will be reviewed and distributed each year. Parents and staff will be involved in the review process of the Compact. The Compact will outline the expectations of staff, parents and students for creating an educational partnership aimed at student success. The Home-School Compact will be reviewed at Parent Teacher Conferences. Parent Teacher Conferences will be offered in November with efforts made to accommodate the varied schedules of parents. Parent may also request additional conference time with school staff.

Beaverton Elementary School recognizes that the term “parent” refers to any adult who is the primary care-taker of a child. Therefore, the Parent Involvement Policy may be applicable to guardians, foster parents, grandparents, step-parents, or even older siblings, when applicable.

Beaverton Elementary School is always looking for volunteers! There are an assortment of volunteer opportunities throughout the school year, as well as numerous ways to get involved at school. We value input from parents and invite you to be part of our School Improvement Team, PTO, or other committees.